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Auto Window Stickers & Buyers Guides

Custom Dealer-Specific Window Stickers & Buyers Guides

Buyers Guides and Window Stickers

Automotive window stickers are the way to go in the car business. They have been the standard for car shopping for years. As the original way to relay vehicles' facts and features on your lot when a salesperson isn't present, they remain popular. If a customer prefers to browse alone, they are a vital feature in helping them decide on the cars they want. Automotive window stickers are a readily available and cost-effective way to get your potential buyer the info they are looking for. When a car buyer considers buying a car, having access to the trim levels and features is key to deciding to buy.

Customization and Durability

We print our automotive window stickers with laser printers on UV rated sticker stock. With them, you can make your custom design stay vibrant and attractive. These full-color custom-designed stickers that match your dealership's brand and logo come with no design fees. From 250 stickers or 5000 stickers, we are the place with the options you need. We can get you unprinted automotive window sticker stock as well.

Window Sticker Stock Features:
  • UV Rated to hinder yellowing or powdering.
  • Laser Printed
  • Full-Color Designs Without the fees
  • For safe test drives, we have a warning label printed on the back
  • Carfax Integrated
  • MPG Ratings
  • Detailed Trim Information
  • QR and Go code Integratio
  • English and Spanish available
Buyers Guide Features
  • UV Rated, which hinders yellowing or powdering.
  • Printed by Laser
  • These come with federal and state compliance on all warranties available
  • Dealer state-specific warranties like 60 day/2500 miles or 30 day/1000 mile.
  • Customizable to include dealer-specific warranties such as 12 month/12,000 mile up to 100,000 miles and less than eight years old.
  • Available in English and Spanish

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