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Car Dealer Websites

Responsive Web Designs for Automotive Dealers

The dealership website is the virtual showroom, parts & service counter. Can your current AND prospective customers find what they search to get? Does your dealer website have your dealership as the ultimate source for the vehicles you sell? How about the local dealer website for affordable, knowledgeable & trustworthy dealer service? What about the resource for accessories and parts?

Dealer Stocks

Depending on the dealer franchise, in-market vehicle website shoppers are within weeks or days of turning in or replacing a lease. The same is true when they search for a new or used vehicle to buy through bank or dealer financing. All shoppers look for Great Deals, Great Service, and a Great Dealership Star Rating. For finance customers, you are competing to win each online shopper's heart and mind. Through your dealer's used vehicle trade-in process & offer policies, you can make the connection.

As the best website design company in the automotive industry, DealerFi, let us help you. Our websites combine over 20 years of automotive advertising and merchandising experience to get you the quality site you need. We have years of practice with real-time user behavioral & dealer website heat mapping. We leave nothing to chance. Our company believes in ONE correct car dealer website design & content construct. That construct is the one that speaks to the current customers and future dealer customers. The auto website we will evolve in button, feature placement, and content. The dealership website shoppers teach us their preferred path to appointments and purchases. We learn how to help best. At DealerFi, trendy web design takes a backseat to easy to use navigation. Our complete detailed inventory search results and vehicle display pages are value building. You can convert dealer website traffic into showroom, service, or parts department visits. Here are some positives to the DealerFi Auto Dealership Website:

  • Responsive web design with a dedicated mobile-first interface. This creates a better consumer experience.
  • Integrated consumer reviews module. This way, web shoppers are often exposed to the positive reviews left by your previous & current website customers.
  • A detailed SRP search tool starts with the most popular website search patterns (make, model, mileage, color, cab style, drive-train & price) but can evolve based on monthly user heat mapping.
  • True organic search where customers can search by any keyword
  • A customization model line up for your homepage. Whether you are an independent or franchise car dealer, we customize the website's front line. Then it will showcase the cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, or vans representing your most massive monthly vehicle sales volume.
  • Proven menu layout- From data over the years from tracking millions of website visitors, we've built the menu layouts that best move shoppers through your website and into the dealership.
  • Customizable content- Our reliable team of professional auto writers fill your website pages with a keyword and customer-first content. Consumers read and through. Then, low funnel shoppers will react and make a transaction.
  • Available blogging services- hyper-local content is a priority. Our team of community content writers helps you win organic search results for long-tail web search terms. Those terms turn into showroom visits, parts, and service counter traffic.
  • SEO - From launch day, your website includes a higher level of search engine optimization than the best-known car dealer web providers in the car dealer SEO industry.
  • Featured vehicles - Showcase specific vehicles on your website homepage carousel and in your specials menu.
  • SRP - our SRP answers each of the most common automotive website visitors' questions. This strengthens their impulse to click your vehicle display pages.
  • VDP - our vehicle display page has an industry exclusive "clicks over scrolls" sticky header. It provides a distraction-free website shopping experience. The header keeps the vehicle's year, make, model mileage, and price in full view as the customer scrolls./li>
  • Price ladder - From OEM-mandated to dealer vehicle pricing structures, the DealerFi price ladder comes ready to replicate. Why fight restrictive website code? DealerFi can build your preferred website pricing structure your way.
  • Our best car dealer websites fully integrate with ANY 3rd party chat, trade-in value, credit application provider, etc.
  • We fully integrate with Google Analytics, Adwords, Bing/Yahoo & Facebook/Instagram.
  • Real-time connection to DealerFi Inventory manager, updates appear instantly.
  • Dealer & data-driven continuous automotive website design & delivery. Whether the data suggests it or our dealers ask for it, if it helps sell more cars or create more service appointments, we add it to the code.
  • It is streamlined, easy to use & mobile friendly for every generation of web surfer from millennials to the elderly.
  • Proven to convert visitors into showroom visitors, service advisor appointments, and parts counter customers.

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