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Photo Enhancement

Dynamic Photo Overlays or Complete Background Replacement

Dynamic Photo Overlays or Complete Background Replacement allow your Dealership to not only control your brand by adding your name and logo to photos but also display items like 1-Owner Branding or Desirable Options & Event Branding. With unique overlays for New, Used & Certified or by specific Make you can ensure if it's 1 image or 10 images your Dealerships Brand is Unique and Represented.

The overlays give your vehicles unique branding, this way you are sure that the time and effort you place to take your photos are represented correctly on your website or 3rd party classified sites.

Also, your potential customers will immediately know the vehicle is from your dealership and have easy access to that vehicle's unique selling features and your dealership's information.

A customer visiting your site, can also see that your branding is consistent by seeing matching overlays, creating even more brand impact.

Consistent / Automated enhanced branding provides several key benefits.

  • Improve SRP to VDP Conversions
  • Add & Hold Value with Option Based Overlays
  • Different Overlays For New, Used or Certified
  • Different Overlays by Make
  • Different Overlays For Specific Groups of Vehicles
  • Sale / Event Graphic Updates - To 3rd Party Classifieds by Date Ranges

Today's shoppers are spending less time in the showroom, creating a growing demand for photos to tell a complete story about every car. Let our Photo Enhancement features do the heavy lifting & let you focus on selling more vehicles.

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